13 January 2011

Monroe Street Cemetery

Hello.  Today I'm writing about the Monroe Street Cemetery located in Cleveland, Ohio. 

The Monroe Street Cemetery is a city-owned cemetery dating back to the 1800's. It's a beautiful and old cemetery and my paternal great-great grandparents, Fred and Clara Schierbaum, are buried there. 
My first visit to the Cemetery took place during the summer of 2009.  I arrived at the cemetery with my husband, some supplies, and, most importantly, this hand-drawn map of the area where my great-great grandparents are buried. 

With the help of a wonderful group of  people there that day promoting their group - Monroe Street Cemetery Foundation, dba Friends of Monroe Cemetery, we located my ancestors and I took pictures of all the stones shown on this drawing.  At the top of the drawing is a monument which I found, but, it is no longer readable. I believe the names listed on the paper are the names from that stone.

Since there is no longer an office at the Cemetery, the only way to get information about my ancestors was to contact another cemetery that is now holding the records.  Something I never did.  Instead, I worked on other genealogy items and projects and left the Monroe Street Cemetery alone ... until 2010.
It was in 2010 that I visited the Cleveland District Round Table website and saw the listing of Cleveland cemeteries - including Monroe Street Cemetery.  Imagine my excitement at finding copies of the actual Register of Internments for my g-g grandparents!  Here is the register page that lists my g-g grandfather, Fredrick W. Schierbaum who died on 21 April 1919.  Some of the other information these registers provide are: address, age, cause of death, lot number, grave number, and remarks.  In other words ... gold!  God bless the volunteers that worked tiredlessly scanning thousands of  documents and indexing tens of thousands of names so you and I could locate our relatives.
This was one of those times that my procrastination and patience paid off.  If you have relatives buried in any of the Cleveland cemeteries, please visit the CDRT website and see who you can find.

Thanks for reading my blog and feel free to leave comments.  ~Susan

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  1. Yours is a good example of how the Internet changes constantly, and that you need to keep checking because what wasn't there yesterday might be there today.